We recognize the value in the untapped potential of the commons – the shared public spaces or underutilized resources available to us in our neighborhoods, that can be activated to help neighbors, local governments and organizations become creative stewards of their neighborhoods. 

Building relationships, building the commons, building neighborhoods.

What we do:

Interactive Research - We go to the source, the streets! We ask neighbors what they are most concerned about, to gain an understanding of what common issues they share.

Collaborative Problem Solving - We transform interested neighbors into creative stewards of their communities through a series of workshops, where we break down chosen issues into digestible pieces, identify resources within the neighborhood that can be utilized in the creation of real projects through a co-design process, and finally, implement the designs in the neighborhood.

Evaluation & Testing - Creative stewards then test their projects in real life contexts and evaluate the results based on sets of criteria they build in the process of development. Participants also reflect on their own progress throughout the process.